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Company news about JISCO adopts new technology to produce high-end stainless steel welding strip for the first time

JISCO adopts new technology to produce high-end stainless steel welding strip for the first time


Latest company news about JISCO adopts new technology to produce high-end stainless steel welding strip for the first time

JISCO adopts new technology to produce high-end stainless steel welding strip for the first time


Recently, the stainless steel branch of Jiugang Hongxing Co., Ltd. adopted the new process route of "induction furnace AODLF continuous casting" for the first time and successfully produced 308L and 309L stainless steel welding strips for high-end fields. The products have been supplied to customers and will be used in special processing fields such as nuclear power, power stations, oil and gas, chemicals and pressure vessels.

"The trace harmful elements in the chemical composition are well controlled, the mechanical properties are stable, and the weld quality after welding is excellent." The customer commented after trying the JISCO stainless steel welding strip. It is understood that as China has become the world's largest consumer of stainless steel, the use of stainless steel welding consumables has also increased rapidly, occupying an important market share. Stainless steel welding strip, stainless steel welding rod and stainless steel flux-cored welding wire are three kinds of stainless steel welding materials widely used in the market. As early as 2018, the Stainless Steel Branch successfully developed stainless steel for flux-cored welding wires. After several years of process optimization, the production volume has reached 10,000 tons and the product quality is stable. In recent years, with the continuous development of surfacing technology at home and abroad, the amount of stainless steel welding strip is also increasing year by year. In the industry, there are mainly 308L, 309L, 347L and other series of stainless steel welding strips, which are mainly used in nuclear power, aerospace, chemical and oil and gas processing fields. Because the product has high nickel and chromium content, low carbon and phosphorus content, and demanding requirements for trace elements such as cobalt, vanadium, and boron, it is difficult to smelt and has high added value. The research and development and production of stainless steel welding consumables for high-end fields at low cost has a positive effect on promoting the quality and efficiency of enterprises, transformation and upgrading.


Since last year, on the basis of the development of stainless steel for flux-cored welding wire, the stainless steel branch has started to develop stainless steel for welding strip. "In the research and development process, if the full molten iron smelting is used, the big problem is that the amount of cold material added is large, and the temperature of the AOD furnace smelting process is insufficient. The cost remains high." Li Shumin, a technical research and development engineer in the company's steelmaking operation area, said that compared with ordinary stainless steel products, high-end stainless steel welding strips are more difficult to control trace elements. In August of this year, the stainless steel induction furnace was put into production, which opened up a new way for the smelting of stainless steel for welding strips. The project team specially organized meetings to discuss all aspects of smelting, and worked out a detailed smelting plan for smelting quality control, which not only increased the yield of precious metals such as nickel and chromium, but also reduced production costs. "Jiugang's innovation in the application of induction furnaces to the stainless steel welding strip smelting process is of positive significance for improving the production capacity of high value-added products, reducing enterprise production costs, enhancing market competitiveness, and improving stainless steel smelting technology. As new products continue to enter the market , Will become a new profit point for JISCO's stainless steel products." Chen Xingrun, a quality improvement engineer in the technical and quality department of the stainless steel branch responsible for this research and development, introduced.

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